I’m tired of people who say, “It can’t be done, it won’t work,” when it comes to presumed consent and/or an organ compensation program.  Why don’t you offer solutions instead of more problems?  If you can’t offer a solution, be quiet! 


I like OPOs (organ procurement organizations).  They do a wonderful job of trying to solve the organ shortage.  They are almost unknown and invisible.  They are some of the kindest most caring people I have ever met.  Thanks OPOs.


I’m tired of seeing LifeSharers go unchallenged.  The fact is LifeSharers has not saved a single member’s life.  In order to be effective LifeSharers would have to enroll about 85 percent of the 300 million Americans.  Currently they have 11,000 members.  If they quadrupled their current growth rate, it would still take 125 years for them to reach a million.  LifeSharers is a cruel fantasy.


I like blogging about organ donation.  I’ve learned a great deal and hope that in some small way someone has been helped.


I’m tired of politicians who are afraid to rock the boat.  If they had any guts and if they really cared about saving lives they would work to change the present organ donation system. Each year more people die and they make no attempt to change the system.  This one makes me tired and angry!


I like organ donors, donor families and organ transplant patients.  They are good and kind people.  I am moved every time I hear their stories and am so very grateful to my donor family.


I’m tired of the news media and their emphasis on Britney Spears, Paula Abdul and bloody crashes.  Why can’t they do more on organ donation, the problems of people without health care insurance and seniors who have to choose between taking medication and eating.  I don’t care about Britney!


I like MSNBC’s Morning Joe (  We’ll see if I still like Joe and Mika after the election when they’ll have to discuss other issues.  Maybe organ donation will be one of them. 


I’m tired of apathy.  If you are not an organ donor why not?  Give me one legitimate reason for not registering, just one reason.  


I’m tired of ethicists.  It seems all they ever do is to find more reasons we can’t change the organ donation system.


I like the Mayo Clinic.  They saved my life and treat me with respect.



Please visit my Facebook site “Organ Transplant Patients, Friends and You.”  


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  1. Mr. Undis

    The truth seems to be getting under your skin. you are being extremely defensive and personal without responding to what I said. The political axiom goes like this, “When you are cornered, attack, so you draw attention away from yourself. Well, I’m not going to let that happen. You can’t defend the indefensible by casting aspersions on me.

    The facts remain, LifeSharers hasn’t saved a single life and will never grow large enough to have any significant impact. LifeSharers is a cruel, elitist concept at its very core. Your website says that organs should go to organ donors first. That’s not true. What you really believe is that organs should go to members first. If you were a dying single mother of six, LifeSharers would rather their organs go to a less needy member. LifeSharers would rather see six orphaned children than violate their selfish principles. What elitism!

    If people really want to help, they should become registered organ donors, register their families and convince all their friends to be the same. For more info contact

    By the way Mr. Undis, Milton Friedman was wrong. Just because he won a Nobel prize doesn’t mean he is infallable.


  2. Bob:

    It’s true that LifeSharers hasn’t saved any lives yet, but we have recruited thousands of organ donors. What have you accomplished?

    You call LifeSharers a “cruel fantasy.” Milton Friedman called LifeSharers “an ingenious idea to increase the number of availability of organ donors.” Should people believe you or the Nobel prize-winning economist?

    Dave Undis


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