A Promise Broken — The Arizona 98 Video

Today, January 6, 2011 we learned of the death of another of the Arizona 98 — now there are 96.  Out of respect for their memory we will continue to call our organization “Save the Arizona 98.” 

Early this morning I finished production on a six minute slide show called “A Promise Broken — Life Denied.  It tells the story of how the 98 found themselves without promised Medicaid coverage for the life saving transplants they so desperately need.

Also included in the slide show are the criteria for qualifying for an organ transplant and why these 98 needed Medicaid to help them because they had already used up all their resources to stay alive.

You’ll find another section “Arizona – 100% Fact Free”  which clearly shows how the claims made by Governor Jan Brewer have been distorted.

Finally you’ll find some suggestions on what you can do to help.  There really is no need for anyone else to die because of lack of  money.  

If you go to www.savethearizona98.com you’ll find some links on the left side of the page.  Click on “A Promise Broken” slide show and let it roll.  The slide will change automatically.  When you’ve finished vieweing it you are invited to tell others about it.  I did not copyright the show so no permission is needed for it to be used by others.  Also, we’d appreciate if you returned here to Bob’s NewHeart and wrote a comment about what you’ve seen.

Please visit and join my Facebook site, ORGAN Transplant Initiative http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=152655364765710  OR — my Facebook home Page http://www.facebook.com/?sk=messages&tid=10150094667020070#!/ . 

 The more members we get the greater our impact on increasing life saving organ donation

Please comment in the space provided or email your thoughts to me at bob@baronson.org.  And – please spread the word about the immediate need for more organ donors.  There is nothing you can do that is of greater importance.  If you convince one person to be a donor you may save or positively affect over 60 lives.  Some of those lives may be people you know and love.

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