Quit Smoking You Damn Fools!

This will be short.  I’ve already had a heart transplant and now because of 37 years of smoking I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  I can’t breathe very well, especially if I move around.  Do you have any idea what that’s like?  Do you know what its like to be exhausted and gasping for air after putting on your shoes?  Do you know what it’s like to have to drive a little electric cart around the supermarket because you can’t tolerate the walk?  Well, if you keep on smoking you are in for that and a hell of a lot more.  My case is mild compared to others, I don’t have to do breathing exercises every morning  just to get my day started like Cystic Fibrosis patients do.  I don’t have to use oxygen yet, I’m not in a wheelchair or confined to a bed or recliner at home but that could easily be my future and yours, too.

When you bend over to pick something off the floor you probably feel nothing.  Here’s what happens, though.  When you bend you compress your diaphragm which affects your breathing.  As your lung condition worsens that one simple move can leave you feeling as though you’ve run a mile at top speed.  I cannot bend over to pick up anything without having to sit down immediately to catch my breath.  That means I can’t pick up my shoes, I can’t check the air in my tires, I can’t even bend over to pet my dogs.

My transplant docs tell me I’m doing very well, that with the exception of my lungs I am in pretty darn good condition.  I know my mind is ok because I am more intellectually curious than I’ve ever been and I love to learn and write (some who have read my writing may think I’m a little loony but it’s a healthy loony :)).  When I am sitting down and at my computer I feel better than I have in 25 or 30 years but that bubble bursts as soon as I get up and walk across the room.

Smoking is killing me even after having quit two decades ago.  Smoking may also share some of the responsibility for my needing a heart transplant.  There isn’t one damn good thing about smoking.  People say, “It relaxes me.”  Sure it does, it relaxes you because you are addicted to nicotine and you were going into withdrawal.  Having a cigarette is a lot like the alcoholic (yes, I’m one of those too 30 years sober now) who has a drink to cure a hangover.  There isn’t any difference.  There isn’t one excuse (there are no reasons) you can give me for smoking that I cannot destroy in a second.

I have COPD, I lost my father to Chronic Bronchitis and a wife to lung cancer.  I know first hand what smoking does and it isn’t as though you are only hurting yourself.  Smoking not only will kill you it is killing those around you, your friends, your loved ones, your kids, even your pets.  All of them will suffer because of your selfish desire to satisfy a craving.  I smoked up to four packs a day for 37 years and quit.  It took a lot of tries but with the help of nicotine gum I quit in 1991.  If   I could do it you can, too.  I’m not tolerant like a lot of smoking cessation counselors are, I won’t accept the BS that you can’t quit.  You can!  You are just to much of a wimp to experience some temporary discomfort.

Get some guts, sure it’s hard to quit smoking but to give up by saying, “I can’t quit.”  BS!  Do you remember the story about the man who was caught alone in the wilderness with his arm pinned by some debris?  He cut off his own arm to avoid death and walked a great distance to get medical attention.  That’s experiencing real discomfort and showing a will to live.  Allowing yourself to die because of a simple “craving” is wimpish, gutless and suicidal.

If you don’t like my harsh comments that’s too damn bad.  I cannot sympathize with anyone who has the power to save their life and the lives around them but refuses to do so because its not “comfortable.”  Shame of you!

Oh yeah…one more thing.  Don’t count on getting a lung transplant to solve your problem.  There’s a long line ahead of you waiting for a new lung or lungs and they won’t all get them.  The best way to solve the organ shortage is to take care of yourself so you never need one.

Please view our brand new video “Thank You From the Bottom of my Donor’s heart” on You
Tube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifyRsh4qKF4  This video was produced to promote organ donation so it is free and no permission is needed for it’s use.

Also…there  is more information on this blog site about other donation/transplantation issues.

We would love to have you join our Facebook group, Organ Transplant Initiative The more members we get the greater  our clout with decision makers.

Please  comment in the space provided or email your thoughts to me at bob@baronson.org. And – please spread the word about the immediate need for more organ donors. There is nothing you can do that is of greater importance. If you convince one person to be an organ and tissue donor you may save or  positively affect over 60 lives. Some of those lives may be people you know and love.


About Bob Aronson

Bob Aronson is a former journalist, a Minnesota Governor's Press Secretary and talk show host. For nearly a quarter of a century, he led the Aronson Partnership, a Minnesota-based communications consultancy that prepared corporate and government executives for crisis situations, regulatory testimony, media interviews and Presentations. Among his clients were all three U.S. Mayo Clinic locations, 3M, general Mills, CH2M Hill, the U.S. Department of Energy and scores more. In 2007 bob had a heart transplant after suffering from idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy for 12 years. Shortly after he got his new heart he founded the now 4,300 member Facebook support group, Organ Transplant Initiative. At the same time, he established the Bob's Newheart blog where he has posted nearly 300 columns on organ donation, transplantation and other health related issues. The Viewpoint blog was started in late 2016 and bears the name of the Radio Talk show Bob did from 1966 until 1974, when he resigned to become Minnesota Governor Rudy Perpich first Press secretary. Bob and his artist wife Robin, live in Jacksonville, Florida with their two dogs, Reilly and Ziggy. Bob is also a woodworker and makes all of the furnishings for Robin's art festival booth. He also makes one of a kind jewelry or "memories" boxes that he donates to select transplant patients, caregivers, donor families and others who have somehow contributed to making life easier for the ill, the elderly and the less fortunate. Bob is in the final stages of editing two full-length novels that will be available on Kindle when ready for release sometime in early 2017. One is a sci fi novel about an amazing discovery near Roswell, New Mexico and you will be surprised to find it has nothing to do with the Roswell story everyone knows. It features a woman scientist who investigates impact craters for the U.S. Department of the Interior, Dr. Rita Sylvester and her female student intern. The other book is a political thriller that introduces a new hero to the genre, Fargo Dennison.

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