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Blood Shortage Jeopardizes Transplants, Other Surgeries

According to an April 1, 2008 story in the Florida Times Union, ( Daniel Smith, chairman of surgery at Jacksonville’s Mayo Clinic, said cardiac surgeries have been put off in the last few days because doctors weren’t satisfied with the amount of blood available.

The clinic has not had to decline organs for transplant yet but will probably have to do so if the blood shortage continues, Smith said.

In 2007, Mayo had to reject about 10 organs for transplant because it didn’t have enough blood at the time those organs became available, Smith said.

It isn’t only organ transplants that are affected, it is all surgeries and the shortage is not limited to Jacksonville, it is nationwide, it is serious and it could affect you or someone you love. 

Call your local chapter of the American Red Cross and give blood today.  For more information click on:


Donate organs, donate blood.  Now!


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