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Liver Transplant Scam Exposed

It is unfortunate but there are some people who seek to take advantage of the misfortune of others.  While I find it hard to believe that anyone would take advantage of people seeking organ transplants, it happens and via this blog I will endeavor to expose as many of these people as I can.


Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Before you make any decisions about potential transplant possibilities in other countries check with your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO), The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), or your state’s Attorney General’s office


On March 19, 2009 Sue Weibezahl Porter of the Syracuse NY Post-standard wrote the following story under the headline:  (


Organ transplant scam preyed on dying people, ends with capture of Syracuse man


Federal prosecutors announced this afternoon that Jerome Feldman, 67, was captured in the Philippines and will be extradited to Syracuse on charges he scammed dying people by setting up phony organ transplant surgeries.  Feldman had them wire money — more than $400,000 — to the Chase Bank in DeWitt and also had postal boxes in Fayetteville and DeWitt for more checks, authorities said.


It’s not the first time he’d been in trouble. His New York State medical license was revoked.  Feldman, who has family ties in Central New York, allegedly trolled Web sites looking for people who needed transplants.  Using phony names, he would promise to set up the surgeries if the people would wire money in advance.  FBI investigators have identified at least five victims, most of whom died after arriving in the Philippines and discovering the doctor who was supposed to perform the life-saving surgery did not exist. Feldman faces up to 20 years in federal prison and fines totaling more than $250,000.


Authorities are also trying to freeze, then seize, his assets.


If and as we find more of these frauds who prey on people’s worst fears and infirmities we will expose them.  In the meantime if you are aware of a person or organization that appears to be a scam let us know and we’ll do what we can to get to the truth.


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You are also invited to join Organ Transplantation Initiative (OTI)!/group.php?gid=152655364765710 a group dedicated to providing help and information to donors, donor families, transplant patients and families, caregivers and all other interested parties.  Your participation is important if we are to influence decision makers to support efforts to increase organ donation and support organ regeneration, replacement and research efforts.   

BEWARE!!! Potential Organ Scam


I have received several emails from an organization called Donate-For-Life that cause me some concern.  They ask for money but give absolutely no details on what they do or how.  See for yourself by clicking on


Here is the first paragraph on their website,  


“Proprietary Concept

Note: The exact working details are a trade secret; however, the program is completely lawful and will not harm persons in third world countries.



The working details are a trade secret?  A trade secret?  But not to worry, they will take your money anyway.  What kind of fools do they think we are?  Please, readers, do not send money to any organization that does not explain in detail what it does.  The claims this group makes are outrageously wild and there is not a single shred of evidence to back them up.


It is a fact of life that there are vultures in our society with the nerve to prey on millions of wonderful altruistic people and on the thousands of patients who live daily with the fear of dying?  I am not saying Donate-For-Life is a fraud, but the initial smell test sure does leave them suspect. I will keep checking on this one, let us know what you find out, too.



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